The Uber Life

I Uber to and from work. That’s crazy, right? It might be at first glance but, based on my situation, it might actually be the way to go.

So last year, July 4th, I moved to Miami from Boston. And it’s important to note that I lived in New York City the majority of my life prior to that. As many would know, driving is not the main source of transportation in cities such as NYC and Boston because public transportation is more reliable. Well, it’s the complete opposite here in Miami. Though Miami is a large city, you really need to have a car to get around. Unless you’re me :).


I work on a college campus and, currently, I Uber to the campus nearest to me then take a shuttle bus from that campus to the campus I work at. Most days I’m running late so I typically have to take an Uber from my apartment directly to the campus I work at, which is costly. Because I’m at the age where I have no mortgage payments, no children, and no major personal responsibilities, taking Ubers do seem to be an issue. However, I am just itching to get a car.

I’m a very particular person so it can’t just be any car. I am hoping for a Jeep Wrangler only because I think it looks cool. It will be my first car so I’m sure I am going to get the most expensive offers out there. The last thing I want is to pay more monthly for a car than I currently pay for Uber. Before I make a decision I will need to start comparing costs and figure out how it would look like financially. Oh, adulting. Isn’t it fun?

Those who have taken Uber must admit that is where you meet the most interesting people. For me, at worst, the drivers are late. I like to brag about my 4.94 rating and it’s because I earned it, so when I get a driver who’s late or unprofessional I quickly become frustrated. But most times I meet drivers who are very chill and down to Earth. That would be the sad part about leaving the Uber life, but eventually all good things come to an end.

Okay, that’s it for now. What are you thoughts? Should I stay with Uber or get a car?

Till next time,



A New Me

I looked in the mirror yesterday, and for the first time in a long while I did not like what what reflected back at me.

I’m roughly 200 pounds, which isn’t bad for my height (6’1). But with the diet of a 15 year old, scavenging on primarily Hot Pockets, Chef Boyardee, and Subway it’s about time for a change. Don’t even talk to me about vegetables. That’s not allowed in my apartment. Instead, give me a Funky Buddha IPA or a cheap bottle of wine. And this is all just at home. I eat out at bars and restaurants at least two times a week and likely order one of the more unhealthy meals on the menu with four or five beers to follow. And exercise…that’s not a thing for me ether. Quite frankly, I don’t know how I’m not more than 200 pounds. But this was me, yesterday.


I’m trying to accomplish a very ambitious goal, losing 20 pounds in 2-3 weeks. I’m a mess and I like to do crazy things, you’ll come to know that. If I don’t think too much into it, it can very well be achievable. During this time I will try not to eat meat, and consume mostly vegetables (eww) and fruits along with multivitamins to make up for anything I’m missing. If I’m out at dinner, I might have to cheat a little depending on what’s on the menu. I will also run as many as 3-6 miles per week, and also no alcohol during the week.

I’m really going to miss coming home to a few glasses of wine after a long day of work, but I just have to remember the end goal and that this is only lasting 2-3 weeks. Habits are very hard to break. They consume us and typically reflect who we are as an individual. I like to break habits just to prove to myself that I have control on how I live my life and show that the routines that I have unintentionally created do not determine who I am. This is me, today.


Whether I succeed or fail at this temporary lifestyle I am trying to create, at least I can say I’ve tried, which is better than no attempt at all.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you think this is doable? What ambitious lifestyle changes have you tried in the past?

Till next time.